Alea Evolution - Prodotti Enologici

About Us

Alea Evolution was born out of an idea by two oenologists, who have been operating in the field of technological adjuvants and biotechnologies in the food and wine sector for decades. This is a new and dynamic company, which offers adjuvants, additives and biotechnologies to be used in the food and wine production.

Alea Evolution aims at assisting customers with the expertise and high quality work of its staff. Its main goal is to become a key partner of those who are constantly searching for new technologies and ideas to optimize the production processes and achieve qualitative improvement, without losing sight of the product’s organoleptic characteristics which are at the basis of our country’s food and wine tradition and culture.

Thanks to its team of highly qualified specialists, Alea Evolution may provide a wide variety of technical assistance services to meet each Customer’s specific needs.
Such services range from the choice of the appropriate adjuvants in the vinification process, to the rationalization and optimization of the production processes, and from the development of job protocols to the detergence and sanification management.

Alea Evolution is committed to providing constant support to its Customers, according to their different needs , in order to achieve a successful improvement of the development process and product quality.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”( Eleanor Roosvelt) and we want to continue to dream together with you…

In 25 May 2009

Was founded Alea Evolution s.r.l. 

In 2010 obtained the Uni EN ISO 9001 Certification

To confirm the seriousness and professionalism that underlie the very foundations of the company.

In 2013 was founded the R & D sector

 Due to this the controls on raw materials and finished products  are increased and  the range of products was expanded

In 2015 obtained the Organic Certification as Preparation Company

Continuing towards the needs of the market and its customers.