Alea Evolution - Prodotti Enologici


There are different types of treatments, both chemical and physical type, aimed at improvie the clarity, the color stabilization, to the preservation of the wine from degenerative processes in general.


Wine stabilization plays a fundamental role since it allows to keep the original wine characteristics intact and prevents possible chemical-physical and organoleptic decay, which could compromise your wine’s quality. Alea Evolution offers a range of stabilizing products which, combined with our sulphiting agents, ensure a good wine preservation over time.


Alea Evolution offers a variety of clarifying agents which are aimed at satisfying all the
different needs that may arise during the several production phases. Particular attention is dedicated to the preservation of your wine’s organoleptic features and stability.


Gum Arabic is a complex mixture of polysaccharides and glycoproteins that is used in winemaking processes primarily for its softening and stabilizing properties. Alea Evolution offers a wide variety of gum preparations of different botanical origins, which are specifically formulated and produced to be employed at the different production stages and in various ways, according to the desired effects you wish to achieve.


The various winemaking phases may require different filtration systems in order to separate macro and micro molecules which are to be found in the solution, and which could cause wine faults as far as the organoleptic features are concerned. Alea Evolution offers filtration adjuvants and high- performance filter cartridges as effective support tools for must and wine filtration.