We must not force Nature but persuade her. We shall persuade her if we satisfy the necessary desires and also those bodily desires that do not harm us while sternly rejecting those that are harmful. “Epicurus… It is from here that GREEN Line borns: Oenological Adjuvants creates to satisfy the needs of Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wine Producer. Products which assist wine making processes in full respect of natural dynamics, of territory and history of the wine itself.

The GREEN Line products are in accordance with  Reg. 834/07 and can be used in all wine making process carried out according to European Regulation 203/2012, which since March of 2012 regulates the organic wine production.

ALEAFERM BIOHEFE Active dry Yeast with organic certification, grown and prepared in according to Regulations 834/2007.  Good kinetics fermentation and low nutritional requirements. Packaging: Bags of 0,500 kg

ALEAVIT NATUGREEN  Organic nutrient based on yeast’s derivatives. It helps to get regular fermentation trend, avoiding slowdowns or shutdowns that could cause unwanted sensory abnormalities. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

ALEAVIT NATUSAL Organic Nutrient with Ammonium phosphate, thiamine, cellulose and yeast’s derivatives. It allows to a rapid and regular alcoholic fermentation, reducing the risk of shutdowns or slowdowns fermentation due to presence of inhibitory factors or nutritional deficiency in original musts. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

ALEACLAR NATUPRO Pea proteins from organic crops. It’s a ALLERGEN-FREE clarifying agent that, in combination with silica gel and / or bentonite, allows clarification on oxidized fractions, improving aromatic bouquet and color of the treated wine. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

ALEACLEAR NATUMIX  Pea protein obtained through a natural extraction process (from peas not genetically modified), Silica Gel. Complex clarifying ALLERGEN-FREE  agent with adsorption action against the main substances responsible for phenolic and protein instability. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

ALEAGEL NATUFISH Organic Fish Gelatine. It allows an organoleptic profile improvement and an improvement of the filterability of the product, while reducing the amount of bottom due to clarification process. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

ALEAFIN NATURE  Complex organic adjiuvant for aging, in which the high presence of macromolecules resulting from the cytoplasmic membrane allow to increase complexity and structure of the wine, gain at the same time harmony and softness on mouth. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

ARABIQUE NATUGUM P  Organic Arabic Gum purified and micro granulated., with left-handed optical rotation, from Acacia Senegal. Its botanical origin and the chemical structure allow you to maximize the colloid protective action and the ability structuring of wines. Packaging: Bags of 1 kg

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