Alea Evolution - Prodotti Enologici


At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, starts a series of processes that allow the product to detect their aromatic potential, to find their organoleptic balance and detect its own “personality”.


The addition of tannins in the winemaking process acquires a strategic for two main reasons: the organoleptic impact , and the tannins’ high antioxidant power.

Alea Evolution offers a range of tannins, which have been selected for their high antioxidant, protective and structuring properties which, when conveniently measured, may contribute to improving the quality of your wine.


The evolution of taste towards increasingly softened, almost silky and complex sensations has led to an increased attention towards wine fining processes. From micro-oxygenation to the use of barriques, including fining processes on the lees (sur lies). Alea Evolution offers a wide range of adjuvants which, if added during the different fining phases, contribute to improving you wine’s quality and organoleptic features.


Malolactic fermentation, which is traditionally appreciated in red wines, is now spreading to white wines as well. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation does not guarantee repeatable results; safer inoculations of selected bacterial species are therefore recommended. Alea Evolution offers a range of lactic bacteria which are specifically selected to enhance the aromatic and structural characteristics of your wine.